How to Open a Flower Shop in Vancouver – The Basics

If you love flowers and like creating beauty then this business is good for you, but you should know that it is not all roses when you open a flower shop. It can be a tough business and require a person who has the will and passion for running it.

As far as it goes, starting a flower shop is not that hard because it does not require a professional certificate, enormous capital, and much schooling. It is easy for starters as well, so if you want to know how to start a flower shop then read the article.

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Before you start putting your money in the project, you should have a business plan; it acts as a roadmap to what the business will be. It will also guide you on the way to take in case you incur a loss, or you are short of ideas to get capital. After you have written a business plan, you can give it to an expert to review it and minimize mistakes.

When you compare opening a flower shop, it is not as costly as other retail shops; you will only need capital to lease and furnish the shop, including buying of a flower cooler that can be a bit expensive. You will need to have a cooler in place to keep your flowers fresh and to ensure that your stock stays fresh.

You should also make an inventory of the flowers; it ensures that half or the stock of flowers you have is well monitored, an inventory also tells you how to go about ordering flowers. If you have flowers that are wilted no one will buy them so having inventory skills is essential when it comes to starting a flower shop.

Having employees is critical in a flower shop, they will help in areas that you cannot. You should also treat them well and show them how you want the business to run. Keep in mind that when employees are happy, it is portrayed to the services rendered to customers. They may be the point to which customers will flock your shop.

Competitors are one thing that poses a risk and will ensure that your business is successful; if you want to open a flower shop in the market that has already shops selling flowers, take the time to learn how they do their business. Take your time to check how much they charge for their flowers and then offer prices similar to them. Avoid lowering prices. The existing businesses can lower prices as well and still make a profit since they are experienced in the business. Analyze the indirect competitors such as online shops, supermarkets, and other small grocery stores. They can pose a big threat to your business.

It may also be a good idea to drive around Vancouver and locate neighbourhoods that have a higher population and not enough flower shops that are conveniently located.

You should take your time to come up with a unique and catchy business name. You will have to make sure that that name has not been taken already, and it’s not similar to the name of the other flower shop. If that is the case, most likely, your name will not be approved. Once you complete the step of choosing your name, you will need to register your business at BC Registry Services. There you will find more information on starting a new business and whether you should register a sole proprietorship or general partnership, or perhaps whether you should incorporate your business right away.

Lastly, you will need to obtain a business license. This page:, on the City of Vancouver website, provides all the necessary information and steps you need to take.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the importance of the online marketing. Today, most local businesses, including florists, are found on the web. If it is possible, you should have a website to market your shop; this will ensure that your business stays in step with some and one step ahead of many others.

You need to be aware and have all the skills above to know how to open a flower shop. The basic skill that a florist should have is the ability to analyze things.