How to Make Foam Flowers

Foam Flowers Different TypesWe know foam as the most suitable and cheap packaging materials to protect the expensive products in transit. The material is also used for making mattresses for bed, chair cushions, soft toys, motor seats and so on. Thus, foam can be put into a variety of personal and professional uses. When choosing foam material for packing, there are many things you need to take care of as not all materials are alike. Foam materials vary widely in terms of firmness and density that have a high impact on their overall performance.

In this article, we will talk about a completely different use of foam which is making foam flowers for home use or kid’s project work. You can create a variety of beautiful and colourful floral arrangements by using foam sheets. Whether you are looking to create a gorgeous wedding bouquet or a decorative piece you can use at home, foam can be moulded in different ways to create beautiful flowers. You are limited only by your imagination.

Here we will discuss a few steps on how to make foam flowers:

For preparation work you will need some foam sheets of different colors is you wish to create a bouquet. To start with you can learn to create roses and then move on to making other flowers such as lilies, daisies, etc.

Now, place your thumb on the foam sheet and use a pencil to create an outline to give you a template for rose bud. You need about seven petals to create a simple rosebud. Use a craft scissor to carefully cut out the template.

After all, petals have been cut, round off the top edge and taper the bottom one. Now take one cut out petal and curl it starting from the tapered edge and secure the ends using glue. Now use the second petal and place it on the opposite site using glue again.

You can repeat the process with the other petals to create the outer layers of the rosebud. Keep gluing one petal after another until you have reached the desire size and shape of rosebud.

Where to buy materials to make foam flowers?

If you would like to buy foam to make flowers, visit this foam shop – This Vancouver-based foam supplier has their own store on Fraser Street. They stock a wide range of foam materials for home, business and industrial use. Here you can find a variety of quality foam sheets to make flowers at discounted rates. So, let your creativity fly high and create foam flowers of different designs.