How Can Vancouver Flower Shops Promote Themselves on the Internet?

Although traditionally a florist operates mostly from a physical store, the Internet and online presence has become crucial to connecting physical stores with customers. Most consumers now search for shop locations, reviews, and products through search engines, making it necessary to at least maintain an online profile for contact information. Social media has fast become one of the premier means to advertise and build a repeat client base. An important aspect of business marketing in our modern era is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), by having your website appear on the first page for key search terms your exposure to consumers can increase exponentially. It is obvious even if you are not selling a physical product online; a web presence is still necessary to compete with other florists and flower shops.

To show the relevance of how a search engine has the potential for connecting a florist with potential customers let’s analyze some example search terms.
• To appear on the first page of Google for the term “flower shop Vancouver” would expose you to the eyes of over 1500 Internet users monthly.
• Similarly, the term “Vancouver flower shop” has a similar amount of searches every month.
• There are many keywords and terms just like these that people are searching for each day, for instance, “flower delivery”.
The potential to tap into these prospective clients is available to those who are willing to build and optimize a website.

Currently, Google is become ever increasingly aware that people want to view results on a local level. This can make it easier for your website to be featured on the first page on a local level. Instead of competing with the whole world of florists or flower shops your will only be competing with businesses in your local vicinity. Let us take a look at a case study of how this works below:

Let’s say that you own a flower store and you are located in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. Joe, who also lives in Kerrisdale, is looking to buy flowers for his wife and is looking for a flower store nearby. Joe goes to his computer and searches “flower shop”. Google will then use his IP address (or in other terms his location) to show search results of flower shops in his locality.


An Example of Search Results

By taking a look at the featured picture, you can see exactly what searching “flower shop” while located in Kerrisdale would show.
• Google reveals the top 3 local businesses along with a map of locations; this listing comes at no charge.
• These listings are also linked to more information, for instance, websites and directions.
• Furthermore, by clicking on the Google map, a further ten businesses are listed at no charge to the businesses.
• From these Google map listings, a user can call a store directly if they are using their phone.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when optimizing your site for Google or other major search engines. For instance, Google rewards businesses that utilize mobile-friendly websites. Also, mobile-friendly sites can add extra functionality to a users browsing experience.

Another aspect to take into consideration is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. One of the most popular paid advertising services is Google Adwords. We can view an example of Adwords in our picture of the example search for “florist shop”, on the right side of the image as well as sometimes above the Google map feature.

Building a website optimized for Internet search engines can be a powerful asset. However, many business owners don’t have the time or energy to put in the required work to increase their Internet presence. This is where it can be of benefit to hire an expert in this field. It would be wise to consider hiring a local Vancouver company that offers both search engine optimization and marketing services such as Adwords. An expert company can help rank your website high on the top Search Engines like Google, increasing your exposure and, in turn, your profitability.

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