How to Make Foam Flowers

Foam Flowers Different TypesWe know foam as the most suitable and cheap packaging materials to protect the expensive products in transit. The material is also used for making mattresses for bed, chair cushions, soft toys, motor seats and so on. Thus, foam can be put into a variety of personal and professional uses. When choosing foam material for packing, there are many things you need to take care of as not all materials are alike. Foam materials vary widely in terms of firmness and density that have a high impact on their overall performance.

In this article, we will talk about a completely different use of foam which is making foam flowers for home use or kid’s project work. You can create a variety of beautiful and colourful floral arrangements by using foam sheets. Whether you are looking to create a gorgeous wedding bouquet or a decorative piece you can use at home, foam can be moulded in different ways to create beautiful flowers. You are limited only by your imagination.

Here we will discuss a few steps on how to make foam flowers:

For preparation work you will need some foam sheets of different colors is you wish to create a bouquet. To start with you can learn to create roses and then move on to making other flowers such as lilies, daisies, etc.

Now, place your thumb on the foam sheet and use a pencil to create an outline to give you a template for rose bud. You need about seven petals to create a simple rosebud. Use a craft scissor to carefully cut out the template.

After all, petals have been cut, round off the top edge and taper the bottom one. Now take one cut out petal and curl it starting from the tapered edge and secure the ends using glue. Now use the second petal and place it on the opposite site using glue again.

You can repeat the process with the other petals to create the outer layers of the rosebud. Keep gluing one petal after another until you have reached the desire size and shape of rosebud.

Where to buy materials to make foam flowers?

If you would like to buy foam to make flowers, visit this foam shop – This Vancouver-based foam supplier has their own store on Fraser Street. They stock a wide range of foam materials for home, business and industrial use. Here you can find a variety of quality foam sheets to make flowers at discounted rates. So, let your creativity fly high and create foam flowers of different designs.




Modern Planters Add Style Outdoors and Indoors

If you need to enhance your house, outdoor area or business, the answer could be as simple as planter boxes. Modern planters are a great way to convey a natural yet contemporary feel in your home or workspace. Planters, with the right plant, flowers, shrub or tree, add a sense style and environmental beauty to most spaces. In this article, we are going to look at how some different types of planters that can give your surroundings a modern atmosphere.

Types of Modern Looking Planters

There are many different types of planters that suit different needs, spaces, and circumstances. In fact, a modern planter can be just as useful inside the home as outside the home. Inside the home, they can enable you to feature indoor plants without any mess or problems when watering or taking care of them. Outside the home, quality planters are not affected by the elements. Modern planters are made from materials that resist rust and withstand degradation. Both styles of planters, indoor or outdoor, will add a natural feel to offices, living rooms, patios, rooftops and more.

Modern and contemporary planters can be made from all different types of materials. Many consumers favor planters made from aluminum due to the many positive features this metal alloy brings to the product. For instance, aluminum is lighter than many other metals or fiberglass. It is also easily malleable for planter producers to create custom products. It has natural anti-oxidation properties, so owners do not have to worry about rust. Aluminum planters are among the most popular and modern planters on the market.

Metal planters made from corten steel have also emerged as a contemporary and stylish way of housing your plants and trees around your house or office building. Corten steel creates a layer of rust on the outside of the planter; this layer of oxidization actually protects the steel from further rust. Corten steel planters do not need to be painted or coated as the unique rusty exterior gives a stylish and rustic look.

The range of planters available on the market at the moment covers many different tastes and requirements. Individuals or businesses can take into account the materials and where the planter is to be placed to make the right decision when purchasing their modern planters. If you have a space that you feel needs to be improved, consider a planter box as a means to enhance your surroundings.

Best Wholesale Flower Supplier in Metro Vancouver

For any serious florist a wholesale flower supplier is imperative to the success of your business. A good source will mean that within a phone call or email you can have fresh stock at your fingertips. A good flower supplier offers a wide range of products. This takes away a lot of your legwork, as you do not have to find individual sources for different flowers, saving you time and money. Of course, buying wholesale in substantial quantities will also guarantee you even more savings.

United Flower Grovers

You need to trust that you can rely on your source, knowing that the delivery of fresh and pristine flowers really means the success of your business. With this in mind, let’s take a look at one of the most reputable wholesalers in Vancouver and what services they offer:

UFG (United Flower Growers) has established themselves as one of the leading sources for flowers in western Canada. With a supply network of around 80 floricultural growers, UFG is guaranteed to have a bulk supply of what you need from local or imported species of flowers. Their network of growers also ensures that they have the freshest stock from the local area. They offer both an auction system and traditional online store system to buy their products. The modern account system on their website not only allows you to make purchases, but it also lets users keep track of your transactions and stock. When it comes to buying flowers wholesale, UFG is the premier choice in Vancouver.

Auctions go hand-in-hand with buying flowers in bulk or from a wholesaler. Through this method, florists can receive large amounts of fresh stock at the lowest cost. It is usually very convenient for the buyer, as the auctions are often carried out online using simple software. At times, a florist does not even have to leave the comfort of the store to keep stock levels in order. It is for this reason that auctions are one of the most popular methods of buying flowers wholesale.

Vancouver is world-famous for its colorful flowers and beautiful gardens. There are many different types and sub-types of flowers available, which of these are the best choice when buying from a wholesaler? Some of the most common flowers sold are Lilies, Carnations, Roses and Gerbera. However, the greatest thing about buying from a wholesale distributor is that they have such a wide range of product available. Flowers can even be imported when they are out of season. This is very useful when, for example, you are supplying the flowers for a wedding, and the requested flowers are unusual or out of season.

It is easy to see the benefits of buying flowers wholesale. Cost savings, convenience, and product range are just a few of the reasons to utilize a wholesale supplier. Dealers like UFG (United Flower Growers) are certain to make running your business in the Metro Vancouver area that much easier.

How Can Vancouver Flower Shops Promote Themselves on the Internet?

Although traditionally a florist operates mostly from a physical store, the Internet and online presence has become crucial to connecting physical stores with customers. Most consumers now search for shop locations, reviews, and products through search engines, making it necessary to at least maintain an online profile for contact information. Social media has fast become one of the premier means to advertise and build a repeat client base. An important aspect of business marketing in our modern era is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), by having your website appear on the first page for key search terms your exposure to consumers can increase exponentially. It is obvious even if you are not selling a physical product online; a web presence is still necessary to compete with other florists and flower shops.

To show the relevance of how a search engine has the potential for connecting a florist with potential customers let’s analyze some example search terms.
• To appear on the first page of Google for the term “flower shop Vancouver” would expose you to the eyes of over 1500 Internet users monthly.
• Similarly, the term “Vancouver flower shop” has a similar amount of searches every month.
• There are many keywords and terms just like these that people are searching for each day, for instance, “flower delivery”.
The potential to tap into these prospective clients is available to those who are willing to build and optimize a website.

Currently, Google is become ever increasingly aware that people want to view results on a local level. This can make it easier for your website to be featured on the first page on a local level. Instead of competing with the whole world of florists or flower shops your will only be competing with businesses in your local vicinity. Let us take a look at a case study of how this works below:

Let’s say that you own a flower store and you are located in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. Joe, who also lives in Kerrisdale, is looking to buy flowers for his wife and is looking for a flower store nearby. Joe goes to his computer and searches “flower shop”. Google will then use his IP address (or in other terms his location) to show search results of flower shops in his locality.


An Example of Search Results

By taking a look at the featured picture, you can see exactly what searching “flower shop” while located in Kerrisdale would show.
• Google reveals the top 3 local businesses along with a map of locations; this listing comes at no charge.
• These listings are also linked to more information, for instance, websites and directions.
• Furthermore, by clicking on the Google map, a further ten businesses are listed at no charge to the businesses.
• From these Google map listings, a user can call a store directly if they are using their phone.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when optimizing your site for Google or other major search engines. For instance, Google rewards businesses that utilize mobile-friendly websites. Also, mobile-friendly sites can add extra functionality to a users browsing experience.

Another aspect to take into consideration is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. One of the most popular paid advertising services is Google Adwords. We can view an example of Adwords in our picture of the example search for “florist shop”, on the right side of the image as well as sometimes above the Google map feature.

Building a website optimized for Internet search engines can be a powerful asset. However, many business owners don’t have the time or energy to put in the required work to increase their Internet presence. This is where it can be of benefit to hire an expert in this field. It would be wise to consider hiring a local Vancouver company that offers both search engine optimization and marketing services such as Adwords. An expert company can help rank your website high on the top Search Engines like Google, increasing your exposure and, in turn, your profitability.

How to Open a Flower Shop in Vancouver – The Basics

If you love flowers and like creating beauty then this business is good for you, but you should know that it is not all roses when you open a flower shop. It can be a tough business and require a person who has the will and passion for running it.

As far as it goes, starting a flower shop is not that hard because it does not require a professional certificate, enormous capital, and much schooling. It is easy for starters as well, so if you want to know how to start a flower shop then read the article.

Florist in Vancouver

Before you start putting your money in the project, you should have a business plan; it acts as a roadmap to what the business will be. It will also guide you on the way to take in case you incur a loss, or you are short of ideas to get capital. After you have written a business plan, you can give it to an expert to review it and minimize mistakes.

When you compare opening a flower shop, it is not as costly as other retail shops; you will only need capital to lease and furnish the shop, including buying of a flower cooler that can be a bit expensive. You will need to have a cooler in place to keep your flowers fresh and to ensure that your stock stays fresh.

You should also make an inventory of the flowers; it ensures that half or the stock of flowers you have is well monitored, an inventory also tells you how to go about ordering flowers. If you have flowers that are wilted no one will buy them so having inventory skills is essential when it comes to starting a flower shop.

Having employees is critical in a flower shop, they will help in areas that you cannot. You should also treat them well and show them how you want the business to run. Keep in mind that when employees are happy, it is portrayed to the services rendered to customers. They may be the point to which customers will flock your shop.

Competitors are one thing that poses a risk and will ensure that your business is successful; if you want to open a flower shop in the market that has already shops selling flowers, take the time to learn how they do their business. Take your time to check how much they charge for their flowers and then offer prices similar to them. Avoid lowering prices. The existing businesses can lower prices as well and still make a profit since they are experienced in the business. Analyze the indirect competitors such as online shops, supermarkets, and other small grocery stores. They can pose a big threat to your business.

It may also be a good idea to drive around Vancouver and locate neighbourhoods that have a higher population and not enough flower shops that are conveniently located.

You should take your time to come up with a unique and catchy business name. You will have to make sure that that name has not been taken already, and it’s not similar to the name of the other flower shop. If that is the case, most likely, your name will not be approved. Once you complete the step of choosing your name, you will need to register your business at BC Registry Services. There you will find more information on starting a new business and whether you should register a sole proprietorship or general partnership, or perhaps whether you should incorporate your business right away.

Lastly, you will need to obtain a business license. This page:, on the City of Vancouver website, provides all the necessary information and steps you need to take.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the importance of the online marketing. Today, most local businesses, including florists, are found on the web. If it is possible, you should have a website to market your shop; this will ensure that your business stays in step with some and one step ahead of many others.

You need to be aware and have all the skills above to know how to open a flower shop. The basic skill that a florist should have is the ability to analyze things.